Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What is this job?

I'm not sure there are many other jobs that involve erratic evenings that involve the following: Updating Blogs and portfolio sites, whilst watching a WWE Wrestling VHS pay per view event from 2000. Checking off a to do list that includes a job for a juggling and fire breathing show whilst eating an entire bar of 70% dark chocolate. Then obeying a random urge to work out in the front room with the weights the previous tenants left behind. Next up, awaiting the return of my flat mate from work to find out who he brought home last night to provide me with a dose of 4am 'Blind Man's Porn.' Yes the wall between our rooms is that thin. Is there any wonder that I wake up thinking such stupid things like 'there's a beaded dragon in my bed.' I wouldn't know the meaning of 'resting one's mind' if it beat me down with a Bratwurst sausage. Oh yeah, new illo too, a portrait of the late German goalkeeper Robert Enke.

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