Saturday, 1 May 2010

Quenched Unsigned

Apologies for the age that has passed since my last post but it's been a blur the last couple of months.Sitting here on this nerve wracking Saturday afternoon watching the footie results awaiting what coul be promotion for my belove Leeds. Scratch that. Useless bastards.

Anyway... If someone had told me that I'd be running two businesses about a year and a half ago I may have slapped them. But here we are putting the finishing touches to the launch of Quenched Unsigned. Dan Skerritt and myself have pooled our talents and under our new identity are offering the best unsigned musical talent across the UK and hopefully soon beyond an all round package including reviews, bios and visual identity. Website coming next week at

On other fronts a whole host of new work about to hit your eyes in the coming month including a 12.5 meter banner for the new Next flagship store on Bond Street in London, Design Week, Mix Mag and The Guardian among others.