Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The positive side of snow...

If you're anything like me and live in England you'll probably share the same views on snow. Immense when it comes down and sticks, up there with toast and sex when you don't have to go anywhere and can just get out with the camera and roam. Fucking diabolical when you have to go anywhere on wheels. Whisper it at a conductor and the entire rail network collapses. The road's just become hostile strips of enemy territory for cars and inevitably you have to sit and watch the poor bastards sat in whichever airport the despondency correspondents for the BBC News could reach with their Christmas melting along with the slush on their wellies. I once had a Norwegian friend who almost lost her mind when she saw how pathetic we were at coping with it. "We just whip out the spikes," she said in amazement. Anyway after returning from Brixton trapped inside a train, trapped inside a hangover off the back of my agent's Christmas party and The Big Issue London staff party (I know people), I managed to upload the snaps I captured along the way. Also check out the classy snowman in the Church yard in Hulme, Manchester.

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