Sunday, 27 March 2011

Where were we, where was I and Where to from here?

So it's been almost a year since I last blogged on the Dirt Sheet. Traveling does that to you. Leaving our little Island with my entire belongings in two bags my head was swimming with innovative ways to chronicle my adventure. As it goes, the only way this happened aside from the old camera was in my head. Suits me fine as the memories I have will be stored forever and the inspiration that jumped right in me was amazing.

I could sit here and bore you stupid with tales that thrill me but will leave you in that state of conversation where you never really listen, just wait for the next break to share your own story where I Replicate and continue the cycle. But instead I've been channeling the sensory overload of New Zealand road tripping into my creative projects. Illustration remains the core of my endeavors but branching out is the focus for me in 2011.It's a small world and this was driven home when I was still working for my UK clients, but you often need to be in the right place at the right time and as glorious as the internet is for our business, I missed the buzz of the city and the doors that open from being where it's simply happening. You can interact with people but the face to face meeting with a fellow creative must not be underestimated.

So a month back in the UK and I'm going to be working on a feature film that's just started shooting in Manchester. Poster design and art direction. An opening that really gets me buzzing, film is a chief inspiration that gets me going. I think it's important to challenge the traditional boundaries of your discipline if you want to make an impact. I guess it comes down to desire and ambition. A book project is also in the making, a film documentary road trip to Serbia's EXIT festival. But amongst all these things I've been making a lot of time for the bigger picture- Charity work. Certain parts of the world have been fucking hammered of late by mother nature and it's time for us creative souls to stand up and be counted. Work produced for UNICEF, The British Red Cross and Luv TKYO exhibition have all bee enjoyable and hugely rewarding knowing that they'll be helping those that need it the most. See below for the pieces.