Sunday, 29 November 2009

Oh my dear Leeds...

I sit here watching my beloved Leeds United in the FA Cup 3rd round at Kettering Town and every one of our many falls from grace in this competition runs across my nightmare reel. Why I vent here I do not know but I am well and truly in the throes of petrification. Fused to my sofa I beg of you Leeds, just score a fucking goal and put me out of my silly misery.

Saturday, 28 November 2009


I'm currently planning a big personal project with the aim being to get you fellow creatives to get more involved in socially significant work. I have been working with the brilliant new Social Enterprise Youth Discovery Ventures to help re-brand the product which should soon be going live online. I'm also going to be involved in some of the projects helping the disengaged young people in our society to recognize their talents and showing them the way to furthering them.

Welcome to the Ben Tallon Dirt Sheet

Welcome to the Ben Tallon Dirt Sheet. It's a Saturday night as I'm creating this, social life has been put on hold for the minute. Over the coming months I shall be banging on about absolutely anything that I feel like sharing. Design, Illustration, Music, hangovers, Sarcastic Fringe Heads, you name it. I shall also be sharing any innovative or relevant design I come across so feel free to fire over anything you feel I may be interested in putting up online. Speaking of links, check out the blog of my close friend and former studio mate from the Snoozing Ken, Danny Allison who has just set out on The Road to Somewhere.