Saturday, 12 December 2009

Graft Relief

After completing a trying four weeks working from my nest I have managed to retain the majority of my marbles. The initial 'one week' that we had to be out for turned into a month but the mezzanine is looking sexy as we speak. We got in there today and got the place hoovered, two coats of varnish and much more and how refreshing it was to graft without the mental niggles of illustration. Footie on the radio, brews aplenty and a omnipotent steak and guinness pie with veggies and chips. Now it's pure bed, hot chocolate, WWE Smackdown chased by Match of the Day. Nice to round up the tiny minds project thanks to the kindness of Ramona Costantine. Ramona sells the Big Issue outside Manchester Central Library and kindly posed for my photographs from which I put together the visual profile on this blog. See my official site HERE for the full set and outline of the project's origin.

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