Sunday, 27 March 2011

Where were we, where was I and Where to from here?

So it's been almost a year since I last blogged on the Dirt Sheet. Traveling does that to you. Leaving our little Island with my entire belongings in two bags my head was swimming with innovative ways to chronicle my adventure. As it goes, the only way this happened aside from the old camera was in my head. Suits me fine as the memories I have will be stored forever and the inspiration that jumped right in me was amazing.

I could sit here and bore you stupid with tales that thrill me but will leave you in that state of conversation where you never really listen, just wait for the next break to share your own story where I Replicate and continue the cycle. But instead I've been channeling the sensory overload of New Zealand road tripping into my creative projects. Illustration remains the core of my endeavors but branching out is the focus for me in 2011.It's a small world and this was driven home when I was still working for my UK clients, but you often need to be in the right place at the right time and as glorious as the internet is for our business, I missed the buzz of the city and the doors that open from being where it's simply happening. You can interact with people but the face to face meeting with a fellow creative must not be underestimated.

So a month back in the UK and I'm going to be working on a feature film that's just started shooting in Manchester. Poster design and art direction. An opening that really gets me buzzing, film is a chief inspiration that gets me going. I think it's important to challenge the traditional boundaries of your discipline if you want to make an impact. I guess it comes down to desire and ambition. A book project is also in the making, a film documentary road trip to Serbia's EXIT festival. But amongst all these things I've been making a lot of time for the bigger picture- Charity work. Certain parts of the world have been fucking hammered of late by mother nature and it's time for us creative souls to stand up and be counted. Work produced for UNICEF, The British Red Cross and Luv TKYO exhibition have all bee enjoyable and hugely rewarding knowing that they'll be helping those that need it the most. See below for the pieces.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Quenched Unsigned

Apologies for the age that has passed since my last post but it's been a blur the last couple of months.Sitting here on this nerve wracking Saturday afternoon watching the footie results awaiting what coul be promotion for my belove Leeds. Scratch that. Useless bastards.

Anyway... If someone had told me that I'd be running two businesses about a year and a half ago I may have slapped them. But here we are putting the finishing touches to the launch of Quenched Unsigned. Dan Skerritt and myself have pooled our talents and under our new identity are offering the best unsigned musical talent across the UK and hopefully soon beyond an all round package including reviews, bios and visual identity. Website coming next week at

On other fronts a whole host of new work about to hit your eyes in the coming month including a 12.5 meter banner for the new Next flagship store on Bond Street in London, Design Week, Mix Mag and The Guardian among others.

Friday, 29 January 2010

New Interview

My name is Ben Tallon and I am a media whore. Heaven forbid I should ever get a front cover, I will take the piss. I'm talking Zoolander, paint flying at me, leaping out of bushes full on Vogue shoots. You have to milk these opportunities. But for now I'm delighted to have my first Double Page feature interview in Advanced Photoshop. The kind people from the mag made contact just before Christmas and I jumped at the opportunity. Have a read here at the Dirtsheet. It's been a busy period of late, all good after the New Year lull. Upcoming project working with film makers on a potential world first but we'll save that one for another day...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Refreshed Mind

The fire is back in the old gut after a much needed three weeks off any kind of design work. I'm sure anyone who's passion is also their job can relate to the same problem of never stopping. Sat up in bed talking to imaginary Art Directors at 4am isn't advisable but unavoidable at times... So an amazing three weeks complete with over indulgence in films and the once a decade treat of beating Manchester United at Old Trafford, simply beautiful. Back in the studio and loving the long days that will lay the foundations of 2010. Dead at the minute but that's January for you... Time to get organized. Regardless of him being a close friend of mine, I believe Danny Allison is about as good as it gets in the design business at the moment. Check out this feature in Computer Arts this month- in my book the best thing he's done so far. Also catch up with his adventure in Australia in his Transit Camper- 'The Whore from 94.'

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Special

The first Christmas since 2005 that I haven't been laid up in bed with flu and well worth the wait. Back in Keighley for a few days and a few great catch ups sealed by seeing some nugget over the road fall on his arse in true slapstick style in the snow and the bound back up squaring up to his unseen tormentor. Hilarious. WWE Deluxe Aggression Randy Orton action figure has to sit top of the presents list. Yes I'm 26, yes I have my own business but the thrill of getting a new wrestling figure has never faded! Great to speak to Danny earlier- a close friend currently down under. Check out his blog- a great read at

A great little post lunch walk and a few great walks with the old hound Crash produced a few nice wintry photos

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Boyhood Dream

I recently made a boyhood dream reality by doing an interview for the official Leeds United FC glossy magazine. From the age of 6 I've been a massive Leeds fan and if you'd told me at 15 years old, the height of my fanaticism that I'd be interviewed in the magazine I may have wet myself. Once I realized I wouldn't be playing professional football I never thought I'd be appearing in the mag but it's strange how things move in full circles! First my illustrations, now my mug ha ha! What makes it a little sweeter is being on the next page to Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics! At the same time as my fanatic peak I used to listen to Performance and Cocktails- the soundtrack to my early days of chasing girls albeit at Bradford Ice Rink and Shipley swimming pool! Have a read...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009