Friday, 29 January 2010

New Interview

My name is Ben Tallon and I am a media whore. Heaven forbid I should ever get a front cover, I will take the piss. I'm talking Zoolander, paint flying at me, leaping out of bushes full on Vogue shoots. You have to milk these opportunities. But for now I'm delighted to have my first Double Page feature interview in Advanced Photoshop. The kind people from the mag made contact just before Christmas and I jumped at the opportunity. Have a read here at the Dirtsheet. It's been a busy period of late, all good after the New Year lull. Upcoming project working with film makers on a potential world first but we'll save that one for another day...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Refreshed Mind

The fire is back in the old gut after a much needed three weeks off any kind of design work. I'm sure anyone who's passion is also their job can relate to the same problem of never stopping. Sat up in bed talking to imaginary Art Directors at 4am isn't advisable but unavoidable at times... So an amazing three weeks complete with over indulgence in films and the once a decade treat of beating Manchester United at Old Trafford, simply beautiful. Back in the studio and loving the long days that will lay the foundations of 2010. Dead at the minute but that's January for you... Time to get organized. Regardless of him being a close friend of mine, I believe Danny Allison is about as good as it gets in the design business at the moment. Check out this feature in Computer Arts this month- in my book the best thing he's done so far. Also catch up with his adventure in Australia in his Transit Camper- 'The Whore from 94.'